The Gelato and Pastry Institute of America provides students, chefs, shop owners and frozen dessert enthusiasts an opportunity to train with the world’s most famous Maestros, in the art of making gelato, sorbetto, frozen yogurt, and pastries.

The gelato and pastry Institute

The Gelato and Pastry Institute of America was created to bring the experts in the ice cream and pastry industry to you the entrepreneur.

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Programs and Seminars

Our programs range from the basic steps a beginner needs to know and learn, to programs showcasing the most advanced techniques used.

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Frozen Dessert Equipment

We equip our classrooms with the World’s Finest Frozen Dessert Equipment for our students to use during the training.

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Since 1993

Are you looking to get into the Gelato & Frozen Dessert business?

These seminars will provide invaluable knowledge and hands on experience. Learn from our experts on how to build a successful business, design a beautiful store and sell great products. We will provide a step-by-step guide to help educate yourself about the fastest growing segment of the dessert business.




“Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!”
“Great Course...Perfect for anyone interested in the Gelato Industry and wants to take a class not affiliated with a flavor manufacturer!”
“Learned things that were immediately applicable.”