Gelato & Ice Cream Equipment

GPI America has chosen to equip our classrooms with the World’s Finest Frozen Dessert Equipment for our students to use during the training. The Carpigiani equipment is the leading equipment among all teaching and professional frozen dessert academies and facilities.

We believe that in order to teach students how to make the highest quality authentic Italian Gelato and Sorbetto, we must provide you with the best available Italian equipment designed for premium quality products in mind.

Carpigiani machines are manufactured in various versions with specific settings to produce your unique frozen dessert, whether it is Premium American Ice Cream, Italian Gelato, Sorbetto, Italian Ices or Frozen Yogurt.

To learn more about the ice cream equipment, please click on the links below or contact us at 1-877-243-5286.

Specialty Equipment

Gelato & Ice Cream Equipment