Our 2 Day Gelato Class is designed to give our attendees all of the knowledge they need to know to essentially open their own gelateria.  The program gives a complete overview of the gelato industry, the equipment needed to produce and manufacture gelato, the knowledge and skills to make gelato, how to clean maintain and prolong the life of your equipment and how to get started.  We cover everything from how to scoop the perfect scoop, to pricing your products accordingly and increasing profits.


What you will learn:

  • Learn a brief history and description of how gelato was created
  • The difference between gelato and ice cream.  How do they compare?
  • Make Gelato from scratch or by using a prepackaged base, stabilizer
  • How do fresh ingredients and products affect your gelato’s taste, texture and appeal
  • What is the physical composition of gelato and product ratio
  • Which ratios keep your gelato smooth and creamy and far from crystallization
  • What are the different types of pasteurizing processes, and which is right for you
  • Use some of the Maestros famous recipes
  • Create your own recipes and flavors
  • Watch and learn, as the Maestro shows you his techniques on sculpting, designing and decorating gelato like they do in Italy
  • Choose from a wide variety of pastes, bases and purees, from Italy’s most famous Gelato Ingredient Suppliers
  • Learn how to make Sorbetto and create fresh fruit purees
  • Learn the art and technique of Semifreddo desserts, pastries and cakes
  • Make decadent gelato popsicles and see how this adds value to your concept
  • Practice making your gelato on the world finest Carpigiani gelato machines and equipment.
  • Learn how to clean, maintain and prolong the life of your equipment
  • Enhance the overall quality of your product

Who Should Participate in the 2 Day Gelato Seminar:

  • Existing ice cream shop owners and operators
  • Those considering opening a gelateria
  • Retail owners thinking of adding gelato
  • Professional chefs or staff involved in preparing frozen desserts.
  • Gelato enthusiasts
  • New employees of existing, or new, shops