GPI America provides an Immersion Gelato & Pastry Seminar for existing gelateria shop owners.

This program gives our attendees an in-depth look into the art of gelato making. You will learn advanced techniques for creating, flavoring, and decorating your gelato, as well as how to offer more personalized products and pastries to attract a more sophisticated clientele. This is not a beginner seminar and is only beneficial for those who already have the experience and knowledge of how to produce gelato.


What you will learn:

  • Learn advanced techniques for shaping and decorating your gelato
  • The methodologies for the processing of classic and modern desserts
  • The breakdown by type of frozen dessert, in composition and form
  • Make your mark by personalizing your gelato and service, stand out from the competition
  • Expand your creativity in naming you gelato flavors
  • Give your gelato a new complex artistic composition with the use of fresh fruit, carvings and sugars
  • Market towards a more mature clientele through the use of new and intense liquor infusions
  • Provide Organic Recipe and Flavors for Allergy Sensitive customer
  • Create a sugarless gelato, sweetened only by the natural sugars in fruits and herbs
  • Learn the study of simple and compound ingredients: egg, cream, meringue, sugar, jellies, fruit, alcohol, sauces, pure chocolate and dried fruit
  • Develop your own Semifreddo pastries and desserts using traditional and innovative presentations

Who should attend:

  • Existing ice cream shop owners and operators who currently produce gelato
  • Retail owners who are looking to expand their current offer
  • Professional chefs or staff involved in preparing frozen desserts
    Gelato enthusiasts
  • Professionals looking to enhance their store and product through more creative gelato techniques
  • Owners looking to for a competitive edge
  • Attendees should already have the basic knowledge of Gelato
  • Making, and have participated in our 2-Day Gelato Seminar.