Class Dates for 2024:
February 26th-28th | April 8th-10th | Semptember 9th-11th


Our 3 Day Gelato & Design Seminar includes all aspects of the 2 Day Gelato Seminar plus an additional day focused solely on the Design aspect of your store. The Design portion is taught by the President of GTI Designs and Advisory Board Member of GPI America, Mr. Andrew Seabury. Mr. Seabury has over 20 years of experience in the foodservice industry, focused primarily in the frozen dessert division. His background offers a unique knowledge and understanding of this rapidly growing industry.


What you will learn - The Design Seminar (1 Day):

  • Learn the step-by-step process you need to take when designing a store
  • What questions you need to ask that will save you time, effort and money
  • Define your business concept and turn it into a successful store
  • Find the right location for your concept
  • The importance of traffic, parking and signage
  • Onsite vs. Offsite production and how this will affect the “back of the house”
  • Equip your store with the most effective and efficient equipment
  • Do you have adequate room for employees to perform their job
  • What type of seating arrangement is right for you and your menu
  • How To: Market your store to increase sales and reduce cost.
  • We will show you firsthand, with real store examples as to: what works, what doesn’t work, and why
  • How to add value to your product

What you will learn - The Gelato Seminar (2 Days):

  • Learn a brief history and description of how gelato was created
  • The difference between gelato and ice cream. How do they compare?
  • Make Gelato from scratch or by using a prepackaged base, stabilizer
  • How do fresh ingredients and products affect your gelato’s taste, texture and appeal
  • What is the physical composition of gelato and product ratio
  • Which ratios keep your gelato smooth and creamy and far from crystallization
  • What are the different types of pasteurizing processes, and which is right for you
  • Use some of the Maestros famous recipes
  • Create your own recipes and flavors
  • The production of specialty items like Popsicles, tartufo and semifreddo cake, and the art of decorating such items
  • Watch and learn, as the Maestro shows you his techniques on sculpting, designing and decorating gelato like they do in Italy
  • Choose from a wide variety of pastes, bases and purees, from Italy’s most famous Gelato Ingredient Suppliers